1.       Download the OS version, DS-User from http://quantumrbs.ca/downloads.php.

2.       I also attach your Calgary key.   Please remember to provide your password in both the private and the account key, during the setup.

3.       During setup, accept the SQL Express setup with new instance.

4.       Once you have installed and run the DS-User, go to [Setup], [Initialization] and click [Connections] tab.

5.       Click [New] to add loopback on port 4403 and click [Ok] to save.

6.       Then from the DS-User, click on [Remote Management] and click [Connect].

7.       Once you have connected, go to [Setup], [System Activities], [DS Client Operations] and click [Repair], [DS-Client & delta databases].  Please see photo’s below:

8.       This will prompt you to restart the DS-Client Service.




1.       After you launch the DS-User again, go to [Setup], [System Activities] and from the Administrative Process, on Last Weekly Admin run on:  click the [Run Now] button. 

2.       Try to perform a demand backup, by right clicking on any of the backup sets and click [Backup Now] and all should be good.


If the b/u sets are red, simply right click and do a synchronize.